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Tie Care

Properly Untie

Although it's a common habit to hastily remove your tie by forcefully pulling it off or loosening the loop to slip your head out, this practice is highly detrimental. In fact, it is the most damaging thing you can do to your tie. Instead, it is recommended to follow the same steps you took to tie it, but in reverse order. While this method may take a bit more time, it will undoubtedly preserve the integrity of your tie. Remember to always untie your knot completely, as leaving your tie knotted can result in permanent creases on the fabric.

Removing Wrinkles 

In the absence of a tie rack or organizer, a simple method is to wrap your tie around your hand, starting from the narrow end. Afterward, you can place it on a table or tuck it into a drawer, allowing it to rest for a while. If needed, you can lightly iron the tie on the reverse side using a warm iron.

Treating Stains

Due to its delicate nature, silk requires careful handling, as applying stain-removers without caution can exacerbate the situation. Prior to treating the stain, it is advisable to conduct a test on the back of the tie using spot remover or other gentle cleaning agents to ensure that the remover does not cause any harm. When dealing with a stain, gently blot it instead of rubbing. Alternatively, reaching out to a professional dry cleaner in your area can provide valuable assistance. However, it's worth noting that while dry cleaning can often eliminate the stain, there is a possibility that it may also affect the tie's shiny appearance and texture.

Recommended Actions:
  • Build up your collection and establish a rotation: Ensure you have an ample supply of ties by investing in a minimum of three ties to complement each suit or sport coat you own.
  • Emphasize organization: Optimize the arrangement of your ties by either hanging them alongside your suits or utilizing a tie rack or organizer.
  • Go the extra mile for safeguarding your valued possessions: Take additional measures to protect your valuable ties.

    Travel Tip: Safeguard your tie from potential damage when packing it in a tightly-packed suitcase by employing a simple method. Gently wrap your tie and tuck it securely inside a shoe before proceeding with your travel arrangements. This ensures added protection for your tie throughout the journey.